Online Group Critiques

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We will be offering online group critique sessions in lieu of plein air classes for the duration of the CDC pandemic advisory. Students are encouraged to work on their own or in small groups, and take advantage of the critique sessions.

The critiques will be implemented using a variety of resources, including Zoom video conferencing sessions, and a section of the Student Website dedicated to providing materials for critique participants only. A link to the Zoom session will be sent to participants, who will have to download and install the Zoom app. This is a relatively painless process, but does require setting some permissions on your computer. Instructions will be provided for this.

There will be no ongoing plein air sessions at this time.
Online Group Critiques

Payment for Online Group Critiques can be made through the Payment button in the sidebar of the OGC pages. You can pay on a per session basis, or monthly. Suggested minimum is $25 per session. If you want to participate, please email a request to William Elston.

Online Private Critiques

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Students occasionally need a “third eye,” someone that can tell them how their artwork “reads” to someone other than themselves. A critique can provide critical analysis of a painting’s composition, color, brushwork and narrative. Ongoing critiques can help the student develop the critical faculties essential to producing expressive and well executed art.

This service has been developed to provide critique on a per session/painting basis, with discounts for packages of multiple sessions.. It utilizes image annotation software in order to provide a comprehensive critique of a specific painting. The critique covers positive aspects of the painting, and highlights problem areas that the student may not be aware of.

Online Private Critiques are implemented using and a private website, accessible only by the artist and the student. The process begins with the student signing up for the service, at which time they will be sent a username/password for the private website. They can then upload an image or images, depending on the number of sessions, using the page’s dropbox. Once the artist has reviewed the image, an annotated version will be made available on the website.

Refund Policy for Online Critique Services: Refunds are available only in the event that the instructor is unavailable or unable to fulfill the Online Critique commitment.


Plein Air Classes

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All Plein Air Classes are canceled until further notice, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Once it becomes possible to have classes, then they will resume according to the usual schedule.
You can pay by scanning the PayPal qr-code with your smartphone. You can also click on the qr-code to engage my link. Suggested minimum is $25 per session.
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You can subscribe to Online Group Critiques for $105 per month using the buttons below. An automatic payment will be deducted each month from the account that you choose to pay with. $105/month is slightly less than $25 per session. Cancel Anytime. Subscriptions include one 45 minute private critique each month.


You can pay by scanning the Venmo qr-code. Suggested minimum is $25. You can also find me on Venmo as William Elston or username @jacquesboot . Subscriptions are not available via Venmo.
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Click on the PAYMENT button for options to sign up for Online Group Critiques.

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